The Salone del Risparmio and the investment management industry – institutional video (ENG version)

A promotional video created by Assogestioni, the Italian investment management association. On the occasion of the 11th edition of Il Salone del Risparmio – the annual event of the association – this video aims at introducing the investment management industry and the event itself by letting know how both of them work and which are their main activities.

Here the complete voice over: There is an industry that manages 2000 billion euros of assets of Italian savers, more than the annual gross domestic product of the entire country. And it invests these resources all over the world to seize the best opportunities and support the real economy. This is the investment management industry. There is a place in Italy where all the leading players of this industry have gathered every year for over a decade. This place is Milan. There’s an event in Milan where over 16 thousand visitors, can attend 100 conferences with more than 300 speakers on stage that enjoys the support of over 170 brands. All of this is Il Salone del Risparmio For three days the community of professionals meet at one of the largest congress centers in Europe to exchange ideas, develop their know-how, meet with clients, institutions and regulators and listen to the visionaries of tomorrow. An unparalleled media coverage highlights the event. The Salone is created and organized by Assogestioni, the Italian investment management association, and is open to all stakeholders to promote competence, trust and inclusion … the values of those who transform financial wealth into economic growth. The Salone connects the key value creators to the investment management industry, bridging the gap between private wealth and the country’s productive fabric. It is an occasion of professional enhancement that’s not to be missed if you want to: • get to know and apply the domestic and European regulatory initiatives; • learn all the investment opportunities in an evolving global economy; • stay competitive and up-to-date; • discover the new frontiers of investment management Il Salone del Risparmio is also much more: • It develops human capital • promotes a culture of diversity • inspires advisors and helps households improve their wellbeing through financial education • fosters the professional future of graduates by connecting higher education and job opportunities This is our vision of the future. Three days at the Salone are the best time to contribute in the shaping of tomorrow and to discover that today, more than ever… THE FUTURE HAS A GREAT FUTURE

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